Simple Detox Plate

Detox meal planning can be tedious, there are just so many vegetables and fruits to plan for. It’s become just too easy for us to turn to a quick rice or pasta dish to fill the plate and thinking about making large servings of fresh whole foods for every single meal can easily turn one back to the pantry.

But the simple plate here took exactly 10 minutes to prepare. I started with two tablespoons of coconut oil over medium heat and pan fried slices of sweet potato until lightly browned on both sides. Move to a plate with a sprinkle of ground salt. Add two crushed garlic cloves to the oil still in the pan and add a large handful of kale. Turn to cook through and add salt. Slide onto the plate.

Add a few spears of your fresh made pickles and a half of an avocado smashed…and eat up!

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