Publishing Adventure 2018

I spent some of my “vacation” this holiday season pushing forward on the book publishing project. I read a LOT of advice articles, blogs, and websites. I compared dozens of options. So many options!

In just two short weeks, I have professionally formatted the manuscript for print in a softcover style, registered with the Library of Congress to copyright the material, signed up for my personal set of ISBN numbers, and created my own cover….

And then I hit pause again.

Self-publish or submit for publication? Oh the decisions!  I looked at both options and decided I’ve been dragging this project on for too long now and I just want to get it into the world and spend time writing the sequel. But then the articles, and my friends, all said that I’ve come this far, why not at least try and get it published traditionally.

They won. I can wait another 3 months to see if anyone is going to sign me for a traditional publishing deal. But after that, if there is no action, I’m going the self-publishing route. I submitted to three houses that are seeking chick-lit manuscripts, fingers crossed.

Meanwhile, I am going to work on the sequel. I have the first three chapters written, I just need to commit to a regular schedule and get the rest of it knocked out!

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