Picture Prompt

Writing challenge this week is to create a story from a random picture.

I started off with this just to get a feel for the landscape…how or why this person is naked in the grass, I haven’t decided yet. Ideas welcome!

The prickly blades of grass smacked her bare shoulders when she sat up. Her hair whipped across her face, her shoulders shivering in the relentless wind. For miles in all directions, an undulating sea of green were all her eyes could find. Not a single tree or boulder, not even a flower marred the landscape. Her toes dug into the soil, seeking any leftover warmth from where the sun last hit before the clouds had closed in. The clack of not-so-distant thunder makes her slump further into the grass, seeking whatever shelter the measly plants could provide.

She needed to find cover before the rain traveled to her spot, but frantically looking in all directions, there is nothing. If there had been a path, it was now hidden by the frenzied dancing of the grass, whipped into millions of gyrating creatures humping to a beat only they could appreciate. A gust of wind howled over the hill hitting with a bone-chilling blast to her face, the low growl of thunder at its heels.

Her view of the grasslands narrowed as wet fog congealed around her. Beads of moisture formed on her goose-bumped skin, quickly joining with each other into droplets large enough to roll down her back, chilling her further. As the fog thickened, the wind diminished. The air hung still; the grass ceased dancing. She breathed in the damp air, moistening her parched throat with each lungful.

With an ear-splitting peal of thunder directly overhead, the fog dissolved into rain and within seconds she was soaked.


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  1. terilynng13 says:

    still working on mine – will finish this weekend 🙂

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