Jackfruit Tacos at PlatePower.org

Remember how I mused about new fun ways to use one of my favorite tropical ingredients, jackfruit?

No? Here’s a refresher at “Wonderful Aroma of Jackfruit

I have since posted recipes for Jackfruit Muffins and Jackfruit Curry.

A friend and colleague is offering a recipe for absolutely amazing looking Jackfruit Tacos. Visit Matt Prescott’s new site https://platepower.org/ and sign up for world-changing recipes; the very first will be for these tacos!


I can’t wait to get myself down to 99 Ranch Market and pick up some fresh jackfruit real soon…the recipe says you can used canned, but any excuse to get one of these massive beasts and break it down to fill my freezer is a good excuse that I can not pass up!

Thank you Matt for the inspiration!

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