Writing Book #2…when #1 is still a draft

On my commute to work this week I was thinking about what my next steps needed to be in getting my first book published.  When I get my final package ready to submit, and I’ve identified the handful of agents and publishers I am going to submit to, when I actually hit send…. well, there is a lot of waiting that is going to happen.  I don’t like waiting, not idly at least.

On average, the publishers I’m putting in my queue to submit to are saying that if you haven’t heard from us in 3-4 months, we aren’t selecting your book.  So, 4 months.  That’s the time I have to wait.

In my post about writing my first book, The jump between 2010 and 2017, I outlined how I set up a disciplined writing schedule and knocked out the bulk of that book in just 20 days.  I can’t run off to Bahrain right now, for a multitude of reasons, but I can devote 1.5 days a week to writing.  In that case, I can write a book in about 14 weeks, or within the 4-month time window I have to wait and see if anyone wants to publish the first one.

If I complete book #2 and no publishers have picked up the first one, then I go to self-publishing the first while fine tuning the second and submitting that one to publishers….write book 3 while I wait for the book 2 review, and so forth.

Now, maybe I could say, hey, if no one wants to publish my books then maybe I should scrap this idea entirely?  Nah!  I already have the next 3 books in this collection in my head and they must come out.  You will read them. 😉

Just have to decide which day is going to be Day #1 of writing Book #2.  Not today.  Probably not tomorrow either.  Oh, blast thee procrastination!  Shall we agree to March?  Get Book #1 submitted by the end of February and write book #2 from March through June.

All in favor of adopting this ridiculous schedule say, aye.

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