Recognize Your Needs

Some people have no trouble saying “I need”.  Often I find that those who can say this so easily actually mean “I want”.  Needs are deeper, harder to recognize, harder to ask for.  They are not always harder to obtain though.

When you can take a moment to sit with yourself and really think about what it is you need, you can begin to recognize what it is that will make you truly satisfied.  If you start the process by thinking you want to go out.  Well, okay, you can go out.

But where do you go?  The mall.  A bar.  To a movie theater.  The beach.  Out is too broad.  What is it that you actually need? Do you need to literally get out of your house and a walk around the block will do the trick?  Do you need to get into a social setting and interact with out humans?  Then the mall or the bar is probably best. Do you need to do something peaceful and let your mind wander and relax and you want to enjoy people watching without too much interaction?  Then you want the beach.

Recognizing your actual needs, can help you resolve the internal conflict or obstacle keeping satisfaction at bay. Communicating those needs is the second step and equally as complicated for most people.  Tackling that step comes with lots of practice.

via Daily Prompt: Recognize

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