Publishing Adventure 2018

I spent some of my “vacation” this holiday season pushing forward on the book publishing project. I read a LOT of advice articles, blogs, and websites. I compared dozens of options. So many options! In just two short weeks, I have professionally formatted the manuscript for print in a softcover style, registered¬†with the Library of…

Editing Progress

This past week I’ve become intimately familiar with the characters in my novel.¬† I gave birth to them, so we already know each other well.¬† BUT. Now having reread my own novel a handful of times (and if you know me, I never read a book twice so this process is super weird), I know…

Writing Book #2…when #1 is still a draft

I can devote 1.5 days a week to writing. In that case, I can write a book in about 14 weeks, or within the 4-month time window I have to wait and see if anyone wants to publish the first one.

The Query Letter pitch

Now I have to sum all that up in an enticing 5-10 sentence pitch and make that paragraph #2 of my three paragraph query letter to submit to a book agent. If the pitch isn’t good enough, they will never even look at my manuscript.

The jump between 2010 and 2017

In 2010, I had my first real mid-life crisis. My husband had volunteered for a tour in Iraq. I was in a losing battle at work where my boss was making decisions that were taking the company into financial ruin. And I had my 30th birthday.