Pre-crastination: making deadlines for the sake of having deadlines

I don’t procrastinate.  I do the opposite of procrastination.

Procrastination is the thief of time. So much wasted time. I streamline every little movement to avoid wasting as much time as possible. Because time is finite and you can never get back a wasted moment.

I respond to emails the moment I can, my inbox is never full.

I pay my bills as soon as they are available, sometimes I even schedule a payment before the statement closes out.

When I get an assignment that is due in 2 days, or 2 weeks, or 2 months…well, I start it the same day it was assigned and usually have it completed the next day, my to do list is never long.

I am an excellent multi-tasker to begin with, but when you add in the fact that I never procrastinate…well, it means I end up with a lot of extra time to do my own things.

Except, I don’t just dilly dally in my spare time either. Which means I assign myself projects. Complete with deadlines.

Like writing a novel. (I’ve assigned various deadlines for each step.)

Or getting my yard pruned. (It’s due next week, not because I’m having guests over, but I simply picked a date and told myself it was due.)

And recently I tasked myself with making 100 sleeping masks for the hell of it. (I’ll explain why in another post).

I bribe myself too.  Something procrastinators don’t seem to be able to do very well, they like to delay getting to the important task by allowing themselves to be distracted by instantly gratifying alternative tasks.  Us pre-crastinators don’t do that.

I really like jigsaw puzzles, it’s something I will in fact allow myself to “waste time” doing. And I was given a new 1,000 piece puzzle of a NatGeo magazine cover. It’s looks deliciously hard. I received it the same day that I decided to make the 100 sleeping masks, the ones I’m making for no real reason.  I have the puzzle sitting next to my sewing project to taunt me. But I shall not allow myself to start the puzzle until the mask project is done, it shall be my reward.

I was originally going to allow a deadline of 3 weeks for the mask-making, but with the puzzle beckoning to me, I am full steam ahead. I’m cutting fabric while I wait for my coffee to percolate in the morning. I set the iron up in the office and pressed seams while waiting for a seriously slow computer program to process each request I had of it. I sat in bed watching the news about the Syrian attacks while hand-sewing the straps.

I’ll have all 100 masks finished by Wednesday.  I only started this project last Wednesday. Which means I can still get my yard-pruning task completed this week too.

And I’ll likely still have an extra evening with no assigned projects or deadlines…what ever shall I add to my plate?

Read more about pre-crastination here.

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