Book Review: The Girl Who Lied

A delightful quick read that can be consumed in just one evening, The Girl Who Lied reminds us to keep our jealousy in check for you never know what pain is at someone’s core.

Seen from the eyes of an 11-year old girl who has just entered a boarding school, the book actually follows another student who has just entered as well, Kemi.  Kemi represents that one person we all know, the one who appears to have it all on the outside and you can’t imagine why they aren’t happy.  You think you’d be happy if you were rich and could have anything at all that you desired!  But Kemi, like many, just wants love, affection, and to be acknowledged.  And she doesn’t feel that she has it.  Okonkwo showcases this in how Kemi seeks out attention by first embellishing stories to her peers, and when that wears off, doing things that are daring and outright dangerous.

Who is the actual liar in the title?  Everyone.  Because when the truth is told, it isn’t as pleasant as the lies and the lies are easier to deal with on the surface without having to address the fundamental core of what we all need.  We need to be seen.

Download the short story to your Kindle here.

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